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Poison Lips by Vitalic


A very odd video of a Japanese girl wandering Tokyo and smearing her lipstick.

Vitalic gets everyone on the dance floor with this feet-moving song. This is from his second studio album, Flashmob.

This French electronic artist has released many singles and EPs with his latest album in 2012. Most of his music drowns in electronic mediocrity, with few songs, like the one below, that manages to float above the rest.


Decollage by Les Balayeurs du désert


This video is a street performance by a company called Royal de Luxe who do large-scale marionette street shows.

This is an amazing song from the French band Les Balayeurs du désert off their album Jules Verne Impact. They sample the vocals off on an old song by Blossom Dearie called It Amazes Me and mix in all sorts of instruments to create this great tune.

They’ve released 3 albums so far, but it’s very difficult finding out any more about this band. They’ve collaborated several times with the Royal de Luxe providing music for their productions. You can sample 30 second tidbits of their songs on If you find out anything more about this group, let me know.

I Lived On the Moon by Kwoon


This is an amazing animated video by Yannick Puig. Très trippy.

Kwoon, who hail from France, start off with mumbling lyrics, and a nice acoustic chord progression, slowly building  with synth and drums, and the video compliments the song.

Kwoon have released 2 albums so far and that’s’ pretty much all I could find out about them online. C’est la vie.