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Kings & Queens by Urban Cone



Pretty boring black and white, dimly lit video of the band playing mostly in silhouette. You can barely make out their bed-heads.

Urban Cone keep the Swedish synth-pop torch lit started by ABBA, with their début album, Our Youth. This song has more of an indie-vibe to it, than the rest of their stuff. Only about 4 songs caught my attention, because they’re not pop-tripe. Hopefully with their next album, they’ll shed some of their pop-ish sound for something a little grittier.



You Make Me Like Charity by The Knife


No video for this song.

Simple drum machine track with a repetitive synth melody to induce dancing. This is off their second album, Deep Cuts.

The Knife who hail from Sweden push the electronic genre. They’ve even been labelled as Indietronica, which I love. If you can sit through this song, and connect with it, you’ll likely want to explore more of their experimental sound. The closest thing that I could compare them too is good old Kraftwerk. Enjoy!

The Lion’s Roar – First Aid Kit


Live video shot at a radio studio.

First Aid Kit, harmonize this lovely tune. This is off their second album of the same name, The Lion’s Roar.

This Swedish sister duo, not only look good, but they also sound good. They`ve only released the two albums, and one EP. They`ve got a bit of old-timey country vibe to them, which makes them stand out from the rest of that Country rubbish.

Lies by Peter Bjorn and John


Another Swedish band, but this one has a strange video. Don’t let their dirty hipster looks scare you away. But if there’s a lesson to be learned from this video, it’s wear a hazmat suit when nearing anyone even remotely resembling a hipster.

Peter Bjorn and John play this upbeat tune with some angst. It’s got a nice driving rhythm, and a bit of punky feel to it. This is off their latest album Gimme Some.

This trio has released 6 albums and 3 EPS, with the song Young Folks as their most popular single in 2006. They’ve a unique sound thanks to the reverb on the vocals, and a punk rhythm with a poppy feel. For other Swedish acts on this blog, click here.

Unrequited Love by Lykke Li


No video for this song.

Lykke Li croons this sad love song of unrequited love. The harmonies and simple guitar accompaniment give this tune a nice 50’s doo-wop feeling. This is off her latest album, Wounded Rhymes.

This Swedish singer/songwriter/model has a nice bohemian vibe to her indie pop tunes. She’s only released 2 albums so far, both of which where produced by Björn Yttling from Peter, Bjorn and John. She’s already appeared on most of the American late-night talk shows, and if you’re travelling in Europe, you can hear her on Vueling discount airlines.

Teardrop by José González


An odd video that reminds me of the Mighty Hercules cartoon series.

José González emotes this epic song with his classic guitar. This Massive Attack cover (click here for the original) is off his second album, In Our Nature.

This Swedish artist has released 2 albums, and 8 EPs. He has a very distinct voice, and sound thanks in part to his guitar tuning. He’s collaborated with many artists and most recently re-joined the band, Junip.

Sweet Jacqueline by Divide & Kreate


No video for this song.

Divide & Kreate breed the EurythmicsSweet Dreams with Franz Ferdinand‘s Jacqueline with a dash of FaithlessInsomnia to spawn this song. It’s a nice meld of styles with a faster groove than the original Eurythmics’ song.

This Swedish mixer extrodinaire has tons of songs, all mash-ups on his website. I’m not usually a fan of them, but occasionally you’ll discover a nice find the like song here. The great thing about mash-ups is that they’re all pretty much free to download. So have fun exploring.

Cobrastyle by Robyn


It’s a live to tape performance on the Late Show with David Letterman. It’s obviously a live recreation of Goldilocks and the Three Teddybears.

Robyn, who’s a pop sensation in Sweden, does her cover of the Teddybear‘s song, Cobrastyle (which has been used in a few commercials). You can”t help but chair-dance when watching the video in front of your computer. It’s that catchy.

She’s released 5 albums, and 2 EPs, and even done backing vocals for Britney Spears. Her last albums were released in 2010 called Body Talk Pt. 1 & 2, with Body Talk Pt 3 soon to follow. 3 Albums in one year. Booya.

Dude, this isn’t alternative or indie! Well, not directly, but it produced by Klas Frans Åhlund who is a member of the Teddybears and the Caesars. And I like the song. So there!

Killer Kaczynski by Mando Diao


Here is a nice acoustic video at a radio station. Well actually the video is pretty sucky, taken with hand-held camera.

Mando Diao, a Swedish alt-indie-rock band deliver a nice acoustic version of their tribute to the unabomber. And really what self-respecting band doesn’t have a song about the unabomber.

They’ve released 5 albums, and tons of singles and EPs. They’re big in Western Europe, but fame continues to elude them in English speaking nations, which is odd, since all of the their music is in English.

Hey Boy by Teddybears


It seems like the band had access to a tickle trunk and ad libbed this video. It’s fun and goofy, just like the song.

The Teddybears, straight outta Sweden, mix up a wicked bass-beat, with a simple melody, and easy to sing chorus. I defy anyone not to like this song. And if you don’t like it, you’ll be the first against the wall when the dance-revolution comes.

This band is widely varied in it’s musical style. They started out as a hardcore rock band, and abruptly switched gears in 2000 with their album, Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool. With a mix of rock, dance, and electronic styles, each song seems like it comes from a different band.

They collaborated with artists, Robyn, Neneh Cherry, and even Iggy Pop. One of band members is also the lead guitarist for the Caesars.

They’ve released a new album, Devil’s Music earlier this year, and one can’t help but think they’d be so much bigger if they were an American band.