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Fiction by The xx


The_xx_-_Coexist[1]Arsty black and white video with no narrative. Why do they even bother?

This slow sultry song is from London based band, The xx. This is off their second album, Coexist.

Their music has been used many times in TV and movies. They have an interesting dream-pop sound which they never stray far from. They’re currently working on their third studio album.


Until We Get There by Lucius


No video for this song, so below is the Soundcloud link.

Lucius give us a perfect song to add to our Sunday-afternoon-drive- to-the-park-for-a-picnic playlist.. This is off their only album, Wildewoman

Hailing from NY this band is relatively new to the music scene releasing their first of two EPs in 2012. This particular song has more of a dream-pop vibe than the rest of their sound. They’ve got a harder edge than presented here.

Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation


Some arty video about a Russian dancer. When will these indie bands learn to make better videos?

Blue Foundation is a NY City band. This song is a bit of a departure from their normal sound, which is a shame, since this is a great song. It’s off their fourth album, Life of a Ghost.

They’ve released 5 albums and 1 EP. Most of their music is generic almost trip-hop music, not really making them stand out. This particular song was used in the Twilight film.

23 by Blonde Redhead


A crappy video for a for a great movie soundtrack song.

Blonde Redhead entrance us with this tune off of their 7th studio album, 23. Although the lyrics are horrid, the music and vocals evoke a great atmosphere.

This “American” trio (2 members from Italy via Canada & 1 from Japan) have released 8 albums, and many EPS. This song is pretty much a slice of their style, so if you like it, investigate them.

Raining in Athens by Azure Ray


No video for this song so enjoy a still of the album cover.

Azure Ray whisper a melancholy melody backed by banjo, guitar, and keyboards.  And the end product is nothing like you’d expect from these instruments. This is off their second album, Burn and Shiver.

This American band have died and been reborn. They’ve released 4 albums, and 4 EPS with a 4 year dead time when they were disbanded. Their music can be heard in various TV and movie soundtracks.

Drop by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions


Since the poster on youtube disabled embedding, I opted to go to with a video of  a still of the album cover instead. It’s an uninspired arty b&w video anyway, so you’re not really missing much.

Hope Sandoval with help from the Warm Inventions, play the soundtrack to your dreams with this song. A simple guitar riff, a glockenspiel, and a whispering sweet-voiced woman is all you need. This is off of their first album, Bavarian Fruit Bread.

Hope Sandoval was previous to this in Mazzy Star. She’s collaborated with Massive Attack, Death In Vegas, Chemical Brothers, and many more. She’s released many tunes, but with this particular roster, has only put out 2 albums (2001 & 2009), and 2 EPS. She’s been tagged as childlike and aloof, and that’s alright by me, as long as she keeps putting out music like this.

Decollage by Les Balayeurs du désert


This video is a street performance by a company called Royal de Luxe who do large-scale marionette street shows.

This is an amazing song from the French band Les Balayeurs du désert off their album Jules Verne Impact. They sample the vocals off on an old song by Blossom Dearie called It Amazes Me and mix in all sorts of instruments to create this great tune.

They’ve released 3 albums so far, but it’s very difficult finding out any more about this band. They’ve collaborated several times with the Royal de Luxe providing music for their productions. You can sample 30 second tidbits of their songs on If you find out anything more about this group, let me know.

I Lived On the Moon by Kwoon


This is an amazing animated video by Yannick Puig. Très trippy.

Kwoon, who hail from France, start off with mumbling lyrics, and a nice acoustic chord progression, slowly building  with synth and drums, and the video compliments the song.

Kwoon have released 2 albums so far and that’s’ pretty much all I could find out about them online. C’est la vie.

Glósóli by Sigur Rós


An enchanting video about a group of children (seemingly after the Apocalypse) who wander about the wilderness, and then defy the laws of physics. (Spoiler: I don’t think little Örn makes it.)

Sigur Rós play a dream pop tune that initially sounds like a music box melody  and slowly builds into an electric guitar frenzy.

This was the song that turned me onto to this band, who’ve released 5 studio albums and 3 EPs. Their music is not for everybody, especially considering that all their music is sung in Icelandic and don’t make any sense. Their music has been in used in tons of movies, tv shows and commercials.  The band is currently on hiatus to pursue solo projects.