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Poison Lips by Vitalic


A very odd video of a Japanese girl wandering Tokyo and smearing her lipstick.

Vitalic gets everyone on the dance floor with this feet-moving song. This is from his second studio album, Flashmob.

This French electronic artist has released many singles and EPs with his latest album in 2012. Most of his music drowns in electronic mediocrity, with few songs, like the one below, that manages to float above the rest.


You Make Me Like Charity by The Knife


No video for this song.

Simple drum machine track with a repetitive synth melody to induce dancing. This is off their second album, Deep Cuts.

The Knife who hail from Sweden push the electronic genre. They’ve even been labelled as Indietronica, which I love. If you can sit through this song, and connect with it, you’ll likely want to explore more of their experimental sound. The closest thing that I could compare them too is good old Kraftwerk. Enjoy!

Friend Crush by Friends


A horrid, horrid video for such a nice ditty. Pity.

Friends (not to be confused with the Monica/Chandler Friends) give us a nice danceable electronic indie pop tune. I can picture this song playing in the background during a club scene on CSI SVU. This is off their debut album, Manifest!

This American band from Broklyn has only just released the one album earlier this year. Even though each song on the album is pretty varied, they always mange to stay in their genre. Perfect for an indie movie soundtrack.

When I’m Small by Phantogram


Boring black and white and occasionally colour arty video. Blah!

Phantogram seem to merge eletronica and shoegaze music with this ditty. The prominent bass line, and slow sad vocals make it the perfect stripper song. This is off their only album, Eyelid Movies.

This New York duo have released 1 album and 3 EPs. Most of their music can be categorized as slow danceable electronic. If you like the soundtrack to the movie Drive , you’ll like this band.

23 by Blonde Redhead


A crappy video for a for a great movie soundtrack song.

Blonde Redhead entrance us with this tune off of their 7th studio album, 23. Although the lyrics are horrid, the music and vocals evoke a great atmosphere.

This “American” trio (2 members from Italy via Canada & 1 from Japan) have released 8 albums, and many EPS. This song is pretty much a slice of their style, so if you like it, investigate them.

Blueberry Tree Part I by Husky Rescue


Trippy video to match the song.

Husky Rescue emote one of their mellower songs, a wonderful drug-trip soundtrack. And it’s only part one. This is from their second album, Ghost Is Not Real.

This Finnish trip-hop band have released 4 albums with their latest in 2010. I highly recommend you give any of their songs a listen on a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon.

Club Thing by Yoav


A video in various clubs with beautiful women dancing to the tune.

Yoav seduces us with this song, switching from rap to falsetto throughout. It also has a 70’s vibe about it. It’s definitely a stripper song. This is off his first album, Charmed & Strange.

Yoav who hails from Israel and raised in South Africa has released 2 albums so far and the music varies from dance, to electronic, to trip hop and soft rock. Each song stands on it’s own, and it’s nice to hear an album where all the music doesn’t sound the same.

All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem


James Murphy dons the Bowie make-up but keeps the suit and tie for this video. Unfortunately for him he was unprepared for the weather.

LCD Soundsystem weave a nice moderately paced dance tune. This is off their album, Sound of Silver.

This band has released 3 albums, and many singles. They’ve been nominated in 2005 for Best Electronic / Dance Album for their self-titled debut album. Their last album, This Is Happening was released earlier this year.

And if that’s not enough for you, here is a harder edged version by Franz Ferdinand with a bizarre video.

Life Magazine by Cold Cave


An odd video about some harlot reliving her youth. At least that’s my interpretation.

Cold Cave hook you with a very distinct, distorted catchy beat. Add some echoed unintelligible vocals, and you’ve got yourself a hit. This is off of their debut album, Love Comes Close.

This American band have released just the one album, and this song has been popularized in a car commercial. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is pure crap. That’s what happens sometimes with experimental music. Save yourself some money by just downloading this song from iTunes, since it’s the only coherent tune on the album. My prediction: the next stop for this band, oblivion.

Scenic World by Beirut


No video for this puppy.

Beirut play a quick ditty that is not indicative of their style. A simple drum machine, and accordion is all you need. This is off their first album, Gulag Orkestar.

This is an American band who play with an Eastern European folk flavour. Most of their music feature a mandolin, trumpet and accordion. They’ve released 2 studio albums and 5 EPs. They are also huge in Brazil.