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Living This Life by The Dutchess and the Duke


No video for this song.

This folksy ditty from this Seattle band is the perfect end of movie song. This is off their second album, Sunset / Sunrise.

The Dutchess and the Duke are no more, managing to eke out just 2 albums before disbanding. Which explains why their band site is Myspace. At least they’ve left us some great nuevo-folk music.


Lost in the Light by Bahamas


A simple artistically shot stage video. Not really original, but at least it’s pretty.

Bahamas plays the perfect ditty for your “songs to make out with” playlist. This is off his second album, Barchords. A lovely song for a long Valentine’s Day weekend

This Toronto artist does just fine with his guitar and vocals. Most of his music is simple and mellow with a little hint of a country vibe. And if you’d like to hear a great live session from this guy, I recommend clicking on this link…

The Lion’s Roar – First Aid Kit


Live video shot at a radio studio.

First Aid Kit, harmonize this lovely tune. This is off their second album of the same name, The Lion’s Roar.

This Swedish sister duo, not only look good, but they also sound good. They`ve only released the two albums, and one EP. They`ve got a bit of old-timey country vibe to them, which makes them stand out from the rest of that Country rubbish.

Care For You by Michael Bernard Fitzgerald


The video is a motley assortment of people singing along to the song. Very low-budget.

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald has a distinct voice, that works well with the simple piano accompaniment.

Other than him being Canadian, I don’t know much about this musician as his horrible website is just a static image with links to other websites. It’s a good thing for him, his music is appealing.

For 12 by Other Lives



Video doesn’t say much, but at least it looks pretty, and it’s not a band lip-syncing video.

Other Lives mesmerize us with this haunting song. This is off their third album, Tamer Animals.

This indie-folk band tend to stay in the melancholy, or at least, that’s when they’re at their best.  They’ve released 3 albums, and 2 EPs, all full of music to accompany your sadness. If you like this song, give their music a listen to.

I Don’t Wanna Pray by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


A great live video with an extended version  of the song.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros jam up a storm allowing anyone of the band members to do a refrain. This is off their 2nd and most recent album, Here.

This gang-sized band could probably take Arcade Fire in a spoon fight. They released two albums and one EP and here’s hoping for more from this distinct sounding band.