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For 12 by Other Lives



Video doesn’t say much, but at least it looks pretty, and it’s not a band lip-syncing video.

Other Lives mesmerize us with this haunting song. This is off their third album, Tamer Animals.

This indie-folk band tend to stay in the melancholy, or at least, that’s when they’re at their best.  They’ve released 3 albums, and 2 EPs, all full of music to accompany your sadness. If you like this song, give their music a listen to.


Dice by Finley Quaye


Odd video for this song, but the shot of dog does it for me.

Finley Quaye offers up a catchy tune, that was used on The O.C. This is off his EP, Dice.

This Scotsman has released 7 albums, and 2 EPs. Most of his music is reggae / triphop, slightly removed. It’s like having eggs that don’t quite taste like egg, but aren’t any better. And for that reason, except for a few of his songs, like this one, I’m just not eating it up.

Let Up by Now Its Overhead


No video for this song.

With the opening few guitar chords, this simple song from Now Its Overhead, hooks you in. This is off their third album, Dark Light Daybreak.

This now defunct band have only released 3 albums and 2 EPs, so it’s not too hard to hunt down their material, if you’re a fan. Most of their music is more Alt, than Indie, and it’s a shame that they did not create more music before calling it quits.

The Kids Are Sick Again by Maximo Park


A stylized band video.

I’ll always have a place in my heart for Scottish accents, and Maximo Park does not disappoint. A driving bass-line is the, er… base of this ditty. This is off their album, Quicken The Heart.

This band from the across the sea have released 4 albums with their latest in 2012. They’ve got a great indie rock sound, with a bit of a Franz Ferdinand vibe, and it’s no wonder since Franz Ferdinand was formed in Glasgow, Scotland.

Pulp Song by stellastarr*


Fan made video with stills of the band.

stellastarr* mimic Pulp with this aptly titled song . You can easily slip this into a Pulp medley, and not many people would notice that it’s not them. This is off their debut self-titled album.

This New York band have released 3 ablums and 1 EP. Even though they never quite lose that Pulp sound, they are a slightly meaner version of the group, and that’s why they’re my new favourite sound.

This Orient – Foals


Boring video with a lot of nature shots. Not sure what it’s supposed to mean.

Foals provide a great hook at the beginning of the song, and it continues throughout. This is off their album, Total Life Forever.

This UK group have released 2 albums, and many EPs with their latest scheduled to come out next week. They have some catchy tunes, but for the most part, this band isn’t really my cup of tea. Pity.

Just A Habit by Built To Spill


No video for this song.

Built To Spill entrance with this slightly psychedelically tune. You can even hear a rarely played guitar solo near the end. This is off their album, You in Reverse.

They’ve released 10 albums, and 5 EPs. They’re a great rock band who for some reason never made it big. Driven by guitarist/vocalist Doug Martsch‘s guitar licks this band rock out great song after song. For something a little harder, you can here them here cover the Peanut’s theme song, Linus and Lucy.

You Wish You Were Red by Trailer Trash Tracys


An uninspiring psychedelic video.

The Trailer Trash Tracys win bonus points for their name and this song would definitely not be heard anywhere near a trailer park. This is off their only album, Ester.

This twangy guitar driven band would set the mood to any David Lynch project. Their music has been heard on the TV series, The Killing, which is how I discovered them. They’re about half shoegaze, and half sad stripper music, which makes them perfect for the Lipstick Emo.

Monster by The Automatic


A cute video about looking for monsters.

The Automatic belt out this nice little dance-punk number. This song sounds a lot like an old fave of mine, At The Drive In. This is off their album, Not Accepted Anywhere.

This band from Wales, and have released 3 albums so far. Their music alternates between hard indie rock and dance-punk. I’m more partial to the later category, but if you like either, give them a listen.


Fire – Kasabian


Odd video in which Kasabian hold up a bank armed with guitars, but instead of stealing money, it’s something else they’re after.

Slow twangy guitar opens this song, until the chorus kicks in. Great road music. This is off their fourth album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

This UK band have released 6 albums (2 live), and 5 EPs with their most recent in 2012. The’re a great indie rock band to blast out the windows of your 70s muscle car, even if you’re parked at a Walmart.