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Love by Elefant


Enjoy some stills of the band while watching this fan-made video.

ThisĀ Elefant song is nicely layered and a bit more upbeat than the rest of the music on their debut album Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid. This is one of my all-time favourite songs which I hope to use in one of my movies, once I become a big-time director.

They’ve released 2 albums, and 3 EPs. Their 2nd album has a harder edge, and moves away slightly from the more ambient sadness of their first. Unfortunately they’ve announced their break-up a few months ago, so that’s all you’re going to get folks.


Bored by Leo Can Dive


No video for this obscure band’s song. Big surprise.

This is an angry angst-filled tune, in the pop punk tradition. Leo Can Dive are a German band who’ve released 1 album so far. And because they are German, I can’t understand one word on their website. But thanks to Google Translation tools, here is their last post:

24.10.2009 / / AM BALL: SONGS FOR THE 2nd ALBUM
hello out there, hello friends, hello myspace world, hello mr kaiser, hello facebook, twitter antje hello, hello, xing, youtube hello, hello woman, a short message after a long abstinence. we write to our second album, have fun and something like a flow. So. first take, then chat. in this sense. soon, leo can dive

I can picture most of their music showing up on Das OC Tonspur.