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Hello by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes


No video for this song.

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes take this Lionel Richie classic and mix in some snugs and snails and puppy-dog tails to create this version. It’s off their fourth album Take a Break.

This punk-rock converto-matic will take any pop song, put it through the grinder and spit out a punky version of it. They’re made up of members from bands such as NOFX, and Foo Fighters. They’ve released 7 albums and 3 EPs. Most of their songs are less than 3 minutes, and perfect for starting up a mosh-pit at a kids party.


City of Angels by The Distillers


Live concert video.

The Distillers, an LA punk band, belt out a Hole-like tune to an appreciative crowd. This is off their second album, Sing Sing Death House.

This band split up in 2003, but have released 3 albums and 1EP before doing so. With the occasional great song, I felt that the band’s music could never match the potential of Brody Dale‘s brilliant voice. She’s since gone on to form Spinnerette (a little less punk, and more alt/pop rock), but I think they’re still missing the mark.

Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart by Against Me!


A boring montage of the band playing their song in a studio. But hey, it’s black and white, and so arty.

Against Me! (formerly Against Me?, and before that Against Me.) lay down a nice groove in this duet with Tegan Rain Quin. The male / female echo give it a nice emotional feel.

This alt-rock band (although listed as punk rock on Wikipedia) from Florida have released 5 albums and 3 EPs so far with their last being June of 2010. They’re probably playing to packed seniors homes all along the coast.