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Grown Up by Danny Brown


A great video with a younger version of Danny Brown rapping and doing kid things. My favourite moment in the video is when he crosses the street holding his mom’s hand.

This indie Detroit rapper has the perfect music and rap style for this particular song. It has turned me back onto rap, but it stands miles away from the rest of his music, transcending the rap genre. This is a non-album single.

Danny Brown has released 3 albums and 3 EPs. You can also download a lot of his Mixtapes gratis from his website. Here’s hoping for more songs like this from him. If you’re not into rap, you probably won’t like any of his other music.


Handlebars by Flobots


I’m not too crazy with this overly preachy badly animated video.

This song from the Flobots is a nice mix of rap, hip hop and rock. This is off their debut album, Flight With Tools.

They’ve just released their 2nd studio album in 2010, and also have 2 EPs under their belts. They have a unique sound which echoes a band who came about 15 years before them called, Urban Dance Squad. Perhaps they’ll break out of that 90s feel, and carve something new for themselves.

Sticks ‘n’ Stones by Jamie T


This video has the singer hanging with his mates, but loses points for not fully utilizing a clown.

Jamie T sings a fun song about being a hooligan in jolly ole England. Rapping with a London accent always makes songs more fun, and reminds me a little of The Streets.

Jamie T has released 2 solid albums, and made it big in the UK, but for some reason ignored over here. He’s collaborated with Lily Allen, and even had Bob Hoskins star in a video. Hopefully his 3rd album will give him the world-wide recognition he deserves.