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Dirt Room by Blue October


A video of a burglar (played by lead singer Justin Furstenfeld)  having the tables turned on him.

Blue October play this ire-filled song to perfection. A slow build with a lot of angry vocals, electric guitars, and drums. This song if off their latest album, Approaching Normal.

This Texas band has released 7 albums thus far 2 of them live. They’re a great alt/indie band who are probably more popular than most of the music on this blog. But this is a great song, and I just couldn’t resist.


Where Does The Good Go by Tegan And Sara


No video for this song, so just sing along with the lyrics.

Tegan and Sara coo a sad love song accompanied by some acoustic guitar, and bass, then switching to an angrier tone and joined by a tambourine, drums, and the rest. This is off their 4th album, So Jealous.

This Canadian duo have released 6 albums, and 5 EPs with their latest, Sainthood, receiving some radio play. Their emotionally charged music has appeared in various TV shows. Unfortunately, their new music has a more pop feel to it (I cannot stand the song, Alligator, which seems like they’ve sampled 80s band, ABC), and hopefully, this is not the direction they’re going in.

Inside of Love by Nada Surf


Not quite sure what the video means. I believe it’s just a montage of sad and lonely people singing along with the lyrics. Merry Christmas everyone.

Nada Surf play a sad song about love, or more accurately the lack thereof. This is off their 3rd album, Let Go.

This NYC band have been around since 1996, and have released 6 albums and 2 EP, their most current being earlier this year consisting of covers. They remake Depeche Mode, Kate Bush, and the Moody Blues to name a few. They’re mostly know for the song, aptly titled, Popular, which is from their first album.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars


An interesting video from the perspective of Johnny LaRue‘s crane shot of the band lying on some ice. Somewhat befitting a Canadian band.

Stars continue in the baroque pop style popularized by Arcade Fire with this ditty. This song is off of their 3rd album, Set Yourself on Fire.

This Toronto (now Montreal) band (whom are made up of former Broken Social Scene members) have been nominated for a Juno under best Alternative Album 2 years in a row in 2004-05. They’ve released many albums and EPs, with their latest in 2010.

Heathen Child by Grinderman


From dull, boring, clichéd videos, to fan made videos, to no videos at all. I now present to you, the greatest video ever made.

Grinderman lay down a thick slab of grungy rock music. The sound effects are a bit distracting in the video, but this is one kick-ass song. It’s off of their 2nd album aptly titled, Grinderman 2.

Fronted by Nick Cave, this British band is made up of former members of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. They’ve only released 2 albums so far, and both have a much harder sound to their former band. I can just imagine all of their music appearing on the soundtrack of Jason Statham‘s next action movie.

The Price of Love by White Lies


Live video.

This song by White Lies has a nice late 80’s post punk feel to it. It’s from their only album so far, To Lose My Life…

With their debut album, this alt UK band became popular in Europe but haven’t really made the playlists of radio stations in North America.  Their follow up, Ritual is scheduled to be released early in the new year. Hopefully they’ll do something about their horrible website before that happens.

The Funeral by Band of Horses


Boring arty video of a drunkard, culminating in a car crash.

Band of Horses start off with a slow catchy guitar riff with a second guitar playing softly in the background. Then the melodic vocals come in and slowly build with drums, bass, and electric guitar power chords. This is off their debut album Everything All The Time.

This indie rock band have released 3 albums, and 1 EP. They’ve got a bit of Southern rock vibe, but the lead singer just doesn’t have the powerful gruff vocals to throw them over the edge. Which may be a blessing or a curse, depending on what side of the line you favour.

Sweet Jacqueline by Divide & Kreate


No video for this song.

Divide & Kreate breed the EurythmicsSweet Dreams with Franz Ferdinand‘s Jacqueline with a dash of FaithlessInsomnia to spawn this song. It’s a nice meld of styles with a faster groove than the original Eurythmics’ song.

This Swedish mixer extrodinaire has tons of songs, all mash-ups on his website. I’m not usually a fan of them, but occasionally you’ll discover a nice find the like song here. The great thing about mash-ups is that they’re all pretty much free to download. So have fun exploring.

Belgium Or Peru by Cuff The Duke


No video for this song, and I’m not sure what the title Mysterious means. Unfortunately the song gets cut about 20 seconds early. Perhaps that’s what it means.

Yes, 2 posts in a row with the word Belgium in the title. What are the odds? Cuff The Duke, a Canadian band from Oshawa meld a nice blend of country and indie rock for this song which is off their self-titled album.

They’ve released 4 albums so far, but unfortunately have seem to shed some of that indie-rock mojo for more country. That means I’m not really interested anymore. Their live songs almost sound like a country bar band covering their own music. Tis a pity.

Belgian Beer and Catholic Girls by Siberian


No video for this song.

This Siberian song has a nice 80’s post-punk feeling to it. This if from their album, With Me.

They’ve only released the 1 album and 1 EP, and after 4 years, this Seattle band has called it quits. So remember kids, support your indie bands so that they may have a long a prolific existence.