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Jesus Christ – My Best Fiend


61h7MxEW8+L[1]My Best Fiend play this tune that seems like it could be from a late 90s indie label. This is off their album, In Ghostlike Fading.

Jesus Christ, I can’t find very much about this band. They’re probably named after a 1999 German documentary by Werner Herzog about Klaus Kinski.

Surprise, surprise, there’s also no video for this song.


You Wish You Were Red by Trailer Trash Tracys


An uninspiring psychedelic video.

The Trailer Trash Tracys win bonus points for their name and this song would definitely not be heard anywhere near a trailer park. This is off their only album, Ester.

This twangy guitar driven band would set the mood to any David Lynch project. Their music has been heard on the TV series, The Killing, which is how I discovered them. They’re about half shoegaze, and half sad stripper music, which makes them perfect for the Lipstick Emo.

Here It Comes by The Brian Jonestown Massacre


Trippy non-video for this song, probably created by a fan.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre ooze out this psychedelic number. This is off their ninth album, …And This Is Our Music.

This non-radio-friendly American band have been around for a while. They put out their first album in 1993, and have been pretty prolific since then releasing over a dozen albums, and EPs. I stumbled on this band thanks to the show Boardwalk Empire, who use one of their songs for the theme. If you like what you hear, check out the documentary, Dig!

When I’m Small by Phantogram


Boring black and white and occasionally colour arty video. Blah!

Phantogram seem to merge eletronica and shoegaze music with this ditty. The prominent bass line, and slow sad vocals make it the perfect stripper song. This is off their only album, Eyelid Movies.

This New York duo have released 1 album and 3 EPs. Most of their music can be categorized as slow danceable electronic. If you like the soundtrack to the movie Drive , you’ll like this band.

Too Long Awake by Idlewild


Here’s a fan-made video. Someone spliced together images from the movie German movie Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire).

Idlewild weave a nice Shoegaze vibe with this song. It’s a bit of a departure from their normal indie-rock style. This is off their 5th studio album, Warnings/Promises.

This Scottish band have released 7th  studio albums hitherto, with their latest in 2009. They’ve just cancelled their US tour due to injury and one can’t help but wonder, whether this is it for the band, considering they’re currently on a writing hiatus.

Drop by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions


Since the poster on youtube disabled embedding, I opted to go to with a video of  a still of the album cover instead. It’s an uninspired arty b&w video anyway, so you’re not really missing much.

Hope Sandoval with help from the Warm Inventions, play the soundtrack to your dreams with this song. A simple guitar riff, a glockenspiel, and a whispering sweet-voiced woman is all you need. This is off of their first album, Bavarian Fruit Bread.

Hope Sandoval was previous to this in Mazzy Star. She’s collaborated with Massive Attack, Death In Vegas, Chemical Brothers, and many more. She’s released many tunes, but with this particular roster, has only put out 2 albums (2001 & 2009), and 2 EPS. She’s been tagged as childlike and aloof, and that’s alright by me, as long as she keeps putting out music like this.

Sarah Dreams of Summer by Working For A Nuclear Free City


Very simple video with shots of greenery all about. No baby-eating clowns, or Brezhnev clones.

This trippy song is by Manchester band Working For A Nuclear Free City. It reminds me of The Shins, and is a slight departure from their regular sound, which is a little more electronic sounding.

If you’re into shoegazing tunes, this band is for you.