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Kings & Queens by Urban Cone



Pretty boring black and white, dimly lit video of the band playing mostly in silhouette. You can barely make out their bed-heads.

Urban Cone keep the Swedish synth-pop torch lit started by ABBA, with their début album, Our Youth. This song has more of an indie-vibe to it, than the rest of their stuff. Only about 4 songs caught my attention, because they’re not pop-tripe. Hopefully with their next album, they’ll shed some of their pop-ish sound for something a little grittier.



Girls Like You by The Naked and Famous


In interesting video where we slowly zoom into the band in an apartment complex.

The Naked and Famous take us on a journey with this killer song, easing in slowly, and ending up somewhere else. This is off their debut album, Passive Me, Aggressive You.

This Kiwi band have only released two album thus far, both full of great Synthpop sounds. Their music has appeared in numerous TV shows, including an episode in the 13th season of Canada’s own Degrassi. They’re currently on tour coming to a city near you.

You Make Me Like Charity by The Knife


No video for this song.

Simple drum machine track with a repetitive synth melody to induce dancing. This is off their second album, Deep Cuts.

The Knife who hail from Sweden push the electronic genre. They’ve even been labelled as Indietronica, which I love. If you can sit through this song, and connect with it, you’ll likely want to explore more of their experimental sound. The closest thing that I could compare them too is good old Kraftwerk. Enjoy!

Mothership by How I Became the Bomb


Horrible video that looks like it was conceived and created by a second-year film school drop-out. Don`t let it scare you away from the awesomeness that is How I Became the Bomb.

This song is off their album second album, Deadly Art, but debuted on their Volume II: Foremost Sentinel EP.

They’ve released 2 albums and 6 EPs, and I’m in love with this band’s sound. They’re like a rebooted Erasure from the year 2112. They’re fun rolled up into a ball of sound and I can’t get enough of them. How can you not love a band that’s brought back the keytar?

Life Magazine by Cold Cave


An odd video about some harlot reliving her youth. At least that’s my interpretation.

Cold Cave hook you with a very distinct, distorted catchy beat. Add some echoed unintelligible vocals, and you’ve got yourself a hit. This is off of their debut album, Love Comes Close.

This American band have released just the one album, and this song has been popularized in a car commercial. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is pure crap. That’s what happens sometimes with experimental music. Save yourself some money by just downloading this song from iTunes, since it’s the only coherent tune on the album. My prediction: the next stop for this band, oblivion.

Cobrastyle by Robyn


It’s a live to tape performance on the Late Show with David Letterman. It’s obviously a live recreation of Goldilocks and the Three Teddybears.

Robyn, who’s a pop sensation in Sweden, does her cover of the Teddybear‘s song, Cobrastyle (which has been used in a few commercials). You can”t help but chair-dance when watching the video in front of your computer. It’s that catchy.

She’s released 5 albums, and 2 EPs, and even done backing vocals for Britney Spears. Her last albums were released in 2010 called Body Talk Pt. 1 & 2, with Body Talk Pt 3 soon to follow. 3 Albums in one year. Booya.

Dude, this isn’t alternative or indie! Well, not directly, but it produced by Klas Frans Åhlund who is a member of the Teddybears and the Caesars. And I like the song. So there!