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Dice by Finley Quaye


Odd video for this song, but the shot of dog does it for me.

Finley Quaye offers up a catchy tune, that was used on The O.C. This is off his EP, Dice.

This Scotsman has released 7 albums, and 2 EPs. Most of his music is reggae / triphop, slightly removed. It’s like having eggs that don’t quite taste like egg, but aren’t any better. And for that reason, except for a few of his songs, like this one, I’m just not eating it up.


Blueberry Tree Part I by Husky Rescue


Trippy video to match the song.

Husky Rescue emote one of their mellower songs, a wonderful drug-trip soundtrack. And it’s only part one. This is from their second album, Ghost Is Not Real.

This Finnish trip-hop band have released 4 albums with their latest in 2010. I highly recommend you give any of their songs a listen on a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon.

Club Thing by Yoav


A video in various clubs with beautiful women dancing to the tune.

Yoav seduces us with this song, switching from rap to falsetto throughout. It also has a 70’s vibe about it. It’s definitely a stripper song. This is off his first album, Charmed & Strange.

Yoav who hails from Israel and raised in South Africa has released 2 albums so far and the music varies from dance, to electronic, to trip hop and soft rock. Each song stands on it’s own, and it’s nice to hear an album where all the music doesn’t sound the same.

Blue Monday by Flunk


No video for this song.

Flunk cover a  great 80’s tune by New Order. This song is off of their debut album, For Sleepwalkers Only, and the title of the album pretty much encapsulates the vibe of this song.

This Norwegian band have released 6 albums and 4 EPs. Their music has been used in various TV shows and movies. The simple entrancing vocals by Anja Oyen Vister along with some trip-hop beats make this band’s music very appealing.