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Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues by McLusky


Who doesn’t like watching cats synced to music?

Mclusky offer up this energy infused masterpiece with one of the best titled songs I’ve heard in a while. This is off their second album, Mclusky Do Dallas.

I’ve only just discovered this now defunct Welsh band, after hearing a song of their’s on the TV show, One Tree Hill. They’ve four albums, three of which were released before their breakup in 2005, and all of them sated with angst-filled songs. Crank their tunes, and get ready for the original flash-mob known as the mosh pit.


City of Angels by The Distillers


Live concert video.

The Distillers, an LA punk band, belt out a Hole-like tune to an appreciative crowd. This is off their second album, Sing Sing Death House.

This band split up in 2003, but have released 3 albums and 1EP before doing so. With the occasional great song, I felt that the band’s music could never match the potential of Brody Dale‘s brilliant voice. She’s since gone on to form Spinnerette (a little less punk, and more alt/pop rock), but I think they’re still missing the mark.

Inside of Love by Nada Surf


Not quite sure what the video means. I believe it’s just a montage of sad and lonely people singing along with the lyrics. Merry Christmas everyone.

Nada Surf play a sad song about love, or more accurately the lack thereof. This is off their 3rd album, Let Go.

This NYC band have been around since 1996, and have released 6 albums and 2 EP, their most current being earlier this year consisting of covers. They remake Depeche Mode, Kate Bush, and the Moody Blues to name a few. They’re mostly know for the song, aptly titled, Popular, which is from their first album.

Raining in Athens by Azure Ray


No video for this song so enjoy a still of the album cover.

Azure Ray whisper a melancholy melody backed by banjo, guitar, and keyboards.  And the end product is nothing like you’d expect from these instruments. This is off their second album, Burn and Shiver.

This American band have died and been reborn. They’ve released 4 albums, and 4 EPS with a 4 year dead time when they were disbanded. Their music can be heard in various TV and movie soundtracks.

Final Countdown by Die Zorros


No video for this song, so enjoy a still of the album cover.

Die Zorros convert the cheesiness that is Europe‘s The Final Countdown into a spaghetti western tune. Complete with whistling and reverb. It’s off their album, History of Rock Vol. 7.

This trio from Switzerland? (I think) convert a few older tunes infusing a Rockabillly feel to them. You can read a review of their album HERE and sample 30 second bits off of their album HERE.

Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake by Grandaddy


No video for this song, unless you consider a black screen a video

Grandaddy bring you some awesome nerd rock. This is from the album Sumday, released in 2002. One cannot help but like this song based on the opening lyrics. “the supervisor guy turns off the factory lights,so the robots have to work in the dark.

This American indie rock band have released countless albums and EPs. Grandaddy is no more and have no official website, but you can follow former member Jason Lytle on his own site.

23 Lies by Death In Vegas


No video for this song. Some fan inserted pictures of Hope Sandoval, even though she’s not the singer.

Death in Vegas perform a shoe-gazer with unknown singer on vocals, Susan Dillane. This is a nice trippy tune to listen to while watching chilling under the shade of a tree.

They’ve released 4 studio albums so far, but haven’t put together anything new since 2004. Not sure of the status of this UK band. Probably on hiatus.

Caught By The River by Doves


So the band found some abandoned mansion to squat in and make their video. Let’s focus on a lamp for no reason. And a bottle of water. Back to the lamp. Sigh.

Doves, an alt Brit rock trio, deliver this acoustic guitar driven song with a unique style partly due to the vocals (although he does sound a lot like Chris Martin on their latest album). Definitely one of their best tracks.

They’ve released 4 albums, 2 b-side albums and 1 best-of album. Yes, they’ve been around for a while, and hopefully they’ll continue to create more music like this.

Things That Scare Me by Neko Case


No video for this song as well.

Even though I’m not a country fan, this song skirts the border, much the same way that the Eagles did. Neko Case also known for her work with the Canadian indie band The New Pornographers, belts out a haunting song of vengeance. My favourite song from her, and I only wish it were longer.