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Dice by Finley Quaye


Odd video for this song, but the shot of dog does it for me.

Finley Quaye offers up a catchy tune, that was used on The O.C. This is off his EP, Dice.

This Scotsman has released 7 albums, and 2 EPs. Most of his music is reggae / triphop, slightly removed. It’s like having eggs that don’t quite taste like egg, but aren’t any better. And for that reason, except for a few of his songs, like this one, I’m just not eating it up.


Birth by The Faint


No video for this puppy.

The Faint drive this song home with determination. It’s got a nice little Placebo feel to it. This is from their 7th album, Wet From Birth.

I profess to not knowing much about this band. They are listed on Wikipedia as Indie rock, Post-punk revival, Dance punk, and New Wave and I could see bits and pieces of the the genres in this particular song. I will definitely be doing some research into more of their music.

Where Does The Good Go by Tegan And Sara


No video for this song, so just sing along with the lyrics.

Tegan and Sara coo a sad love song accompanied by some acoustic guitar, and bass, then switching to an angrier tone and joined by a tambourine, drums, and the rest. This is off their 4th album, So Jealous.

This Canadian duo have released 6 albums, and 5 EPs with their latest, Sainthood, receiving some radio play. Their emotionally charged music has appeared in various TV shows. Unfortunately, their new music has a more pop feel to it (I cannot stand the song, Alligator, which seems like they’ve sampled 80s band, ABC), and hopefully, this is not the direction they’re going in.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars


An interesting video from the perspective of Johnny LaRue‘s crane shot of the band lying on some ice. Somewhat befitting a Canadian band.

Stars continue in the baroque pop style popularized by Arcade Fire with this ditty. This song is off of their 3rd album, Set Yourself on Fire.

This Toronto (now Montreal) band (whom are made up of former Broken Social Scene members) have been nominated for a Juno under best Alternative Album 2 years in a row in 2004-05. They’ve released many albums and EPs, with their latest in 2010.

Soldier by The Exit


A video made to look like old 16mm home camera movies. Or maybe it was shot on 16mm. You be the judge.

The Exit are a NYC, indie-punk-reggae band, but you would never know it listening to this song. Soldier from their album Home For An Island is a simple ditty with a harmonica and acoustic guitar. More folk than anything else.

They’ve released 3 studio albums and 1 live EP. They haven’t toured or recorded in some time, but have not officially disbanded. Perhaps lead guitarist Benjamin Bronfman is too busy dating MIA from the UK.

Romantic Rights by Death From Above 1979


A flashy stage video. Perfect for this style of music.

Death From Above 1979 send out invitations to the mosh pit with the opening distorted bass line. But this is no punk mosh pit. It’s the upgraded dance-punk pit.

From my hometown, this now defunct duo only have 1 studio album, but 3 EPs and 1 remix album. There is also an amazing remix on the Bloc Party album Silent Alarm Remixed album titled Luno (Bloc Party vs. Death from Above 1979), which combines their 2 styles.

The Rat by The Walkmen


A black and white psychedelic video where you can watch the singer look uncomfortable  when he’s not singing.

The Walkmen (nothing to do with Sony) grab your attention with this in-your-face song, and you can’t help but nod to the beat. This is from their 2nd album, Bows + Arrows.

This American band have released 6 albums and 8 EPs in 8 years with their latest unleashed this year titled, Lisbon, which is a tribute to the Portuguese capital.

Shoot Your Gun by 22-20s


Another stage video, but at least this one is edited well, and  visually appealing.

22-20s from the UK offer up a kick-ass indie-rock song. This is from their self-titled debut album which hit number 30 in the UK charts.

After splitting up for a brief period, they’ve reformed again, releasing their second studio album in 2010, which I confess to not having heard. So perhaps someone out there who’s given it a listen can let me know what they think.

Snowfalls In November by Julie Doiron


A photo-montage fan video of our heroine.

Julie Doiron, a fellow Canuck, croons this ditty in indie-folk-rock style. Perfect mellowing tune, while drinking a brewski on your back porch. You can find this on her 3rd album, Goodnight Nobody.

She’s released 5 albums, so far, and from what I can tell, they get edgier chronologically. So if you’re looking for something a little harder, try listening to this, which is from her latest album, eh.

Into The Night by The Music


No video available for this song.

The Music, an alt, indie rock band from the UK, give you a taste of their distinct style with song. It’s got a different flavour than the usual alt-rock scene, and it leaves you with a bitter-sweet taste when it’s over.

With an enigmatic name ready to kick-start an Abbott & Costello routine, The Music have released 3 albums so far, with their latest in 2008 having a more electronic feel to it. They’re currently on 4 and will probably release it sometime in 2011.