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What’s A Gırl To Do by Bat For Lashes


An awesome video. By now you can tell, I’m into the weird and different, but these are the images that stay with you. Anyone care to interpret?

Bat For Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) sings this future horror movie title song. This is a bit of a departure from her normal mellow sound. It’s off her debut album, Fur and Gold.

This English singer/songwriter has released 3 albums, and unfortunately I can’t listen to any of them. This is the sole song that gives me any life. Most of her music is sad slightly more uptempo Cat Power. Not my scene at all.


Let Up by Now Its Overhead


No video for this song.

With the opening few guitar chords, this simple song from Now Its Overhead, hooks you in. This is off their third album, Dark Light Daybreak.

This now defunct band have only released 3 albums and 2 EPs, so it’s not too hard to hunt down their material, if you’re a fan. Most of their music is more Alt, than Indie, and it’s a shame that they did not create more music before calling it quits.

Just A Habit by Built To Spill


No video for this song.

Built To Spill entrance with this slightly psychedelically tune. You can even hear a rarely played guitar solo near the end. This is off their album, You in Reverse.

They’ve released 10 albums, and 5 EPs. They’re a great rock band who for some reason never made it big. Driven by guitarist/vocalist Doug Martsch‘s guitar licks this band rock out great song after song. For something a little harder, you can here them here cover the Peanut’s theme song, Linus and Lucy.

Monster by The Automatic


A cute video about looking for monsters.

The Automatic belt out this nice little dance-punk number. This song sounds a lot like an old fave of mine, At The Drive In. This is off their album, Not Accepted Anywhere.

This band from Wales, and have released 3 albums so far. Their music alternates between hard indie rock and dance-punk. I’m more partial to the later category, but if you like either, give them a listen.


Rough N’ Tumble Come Down by Matt Mays


No video for this song.

A simple beat with a slow build, and an angry distorted guitar make this song a treat to listen to and Matt Mays has the perfect vocals to accompany it. This is off his album, When the Angels Make Contact.

This Canadian indie rock artist has released 6 albums, some, with his now defunct band, Matt Mays & El Torpedo. Most of his music is generic rock, but there are a least a couple of gems on each of his albums that stand out, like this one.

A Pillar of Salt by The Thermals


An everything but the kitchen sink video.

The Thermals offer up a great indie-punk song for you to mosh to. This is off their third album, The Body, the Blood, the Machine.

They’ve released 5 studio albums, and many EPs and singles. Most of their songs are made up of 3/4 indie-punk, 1/4 nerd-rock. They’re from the west-coast USA, and their latest release (Sep 2010)  is an album called Personal Life which has a cleaner more pop feeling to it.

The Funeral by Band of Horses


Boring arty video of a drunkard, culminating in a car crash.

Band of Horses start off with a slow catchy guitar riff with a second guitar playing softly in the background. Then the melodic vocals come in and slowly build with drums, bass, and electric guitar power chords. This is off their debut album Everything All The Time.

This indie rock band have released 3 albums, and 1 EP. They’ve got a bit of Southern rock vibe, but the lead singer just doesn’t have the powerful gruff vocals to throw them over the edge. Which may be a blessing or a curse, depending on what side of the line you favour.

Sweet Jacqueline by Divide & Kreate


No video for this song.

Divide & Kreate breed the EurythmicsSweet Dreams with Franz Ferdinand‘s Jacqueline with a dash of FaithlessInsomnia to spawn this song. It’s a nice meld of styles with a faster groove than the original Eurythmics’ song.

This Swedish mixer extrodinaire has tons of songs, all mash-ups on his website. I’m not usually a fan of them, but occasionally you’ll discover a nice find the like song here. The great thing about mash-ups is that they’re all pretty much free to download. So have fun exploring.

Nux Vomica by The Veils


Just a fan-made song with stills of the band.

The Veils play out a indie rock song that would probably sound great live in some dingy underground London club. This is off their album of the same name.

This UK band have released 3 albums, and I must profess to really liking their sound. I did however discover this song in a trailer for Il Divo, and Italian movie based on the life of a corrupt Italian Prime Minister with Mafia ties.

Scenic World by Beirut


No video for this puppy.

Beirut play a quick ditty that is not indicative of their style. A simple drum machine, and accordion is all you need. This is off their first album, Gulag Orkestar.

This is an American band who play with an Eastern European folk flavour. Most of their music feature a mandolin, trumpet and accordion. They’ve released 2 studio albums and 5 EPs. They are also huge in Brazil.