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Dropping Out of School by Brad Sucks


No video for this song, so enjoy a still of the album cover.

Most of Brad Sucks‘ music is up-tempo rock with a few exceptions. This is off his second album, Out of It.

Brad Sucks is from Ottawa, Canada, and not since Paul Anka has this city had something to be proud of. He’s released 3 albums so far with most of his music available on his website, along with tracks to allow you mix your own versions of his music.


Something Is Not Right With Me by Cold War Kids


Generic boring band-playing video, shot in a warehouse.

Cold War Kids kick some ass with this fast-tempo ditty. This is off their second album, Loyalty to Loyalty.

With a few exceptions, like this song, I’m not a fan of the way their music is produced. They’ve released 4 albums (with their latest this month), and 8 EPs (half of them live). I just wish I could like them.

Toe Jam by The Brighton Port Authority


Finally a video that captures my attention from start to finish, and back to start again. Thanks to the naked people in the video, and the word naked which should garner my blog a few extra visits.

The Brighton Port Authority (BPA) a.k.a. Norman Quentin Cook a.k.a. Fatboy Slim team up with David Byrne on this catchy Caribbean-like tune.  This is off their only album, I Think We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat.

This music project has just the one album under their name. They collaborated with various artists such as David Byrne, Iggy Pop, and Jamie T. The music on the album is very eclectic, but worth a listen. Give it a go.

Club Thing by Yoav


A video in various clubs with beautiful women dancing to the tune.

Yoav seduces us with this song, switching from rap to falsetto throughout. It also has a 70’s vibe about it. It’s definitely a stripper song. This is off his first album, Charmed & Strange.

Yoav who hails from Israel and raised in South Africa has released 2 albums so far and the music varies from dance, to electronic, to trip hop and soft rock. Each song stands on it’s own, and it’s nice to hear an album where all the music doesn’t sound the same.

Flume by Bon Iver


Live video in a radio studio.

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver plays a sole acoustic guitar in this live version. A nice soulful folk tune. This is off of their only album, For Emma, Forever Ago.

This American indie band is pretty new to the music scene releasing their debut album in 2008 and an EP in 2009. I’m not a fan of their over-layered studio vocals, but they sound great live. If you can go to their website, you can hear Peter Gabriel doing this song.

Oh My God by Ida Maria


This creepy stylistic video, makes me fantasize that the singer lives in my computer monitor, and when I’m sleeping she’ll crawl out and want to have sex with me al a Deborah Harry in Cronenberg’s Videodrome.

This Norwegian femme fetale is Ida Maria and she’s spiking your drink with a single from her first and only album, Fortress Round My Heart. Oh my God, this is a great song, with a fun danceable tempo.

She’s finished recording her 2nd album which should be released, my guess, some time early next year, once the ice-bergs start melting in the North Sea.

Heart Burn by LeeDM101 (UNKLE vs Kylie Minogue)


I’d be suprised if there was a video for this song. Instead you can enjoy a still picture of Kylie Minogue.

Mixer extraordinaire LeeDM101 melds 2 average songs, and pops out an awesome mashup that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Taking Kylie Minogue’s 2 Hearts and UNKLE’s Burn My Shadow, two tunes that seem like they don’t go together, and building an nice emotionally charged dance tune.  And that is Ian Astbury doing background vocals.

I’m not normally a fan of mashups. Actually I downright hate most of them, but sometime you do find a real gem amongst the cubic zirconias. LeeDM101 has hundred of mashups which I can’t really get into, but if you like this, you might like his other stuff. The best part is that you can download of it for free.

3 Rounds And A Sound by Blind Pilot


Since I couldn’t find an official video, this live radio performance is just as good, since the song sounds very much like the Album version.

Blind Pilot (not to be confused with Blind Melon or Stone Temple Pilots or Howling Mad Murdock) are an American indie band from Portland. This simple song has a beautiful melody, and vocals. The banjo, xylophone and weird pump organ add a rustic charm to it. OK, maybe not the xylophone.

This tune is from their debut album, and they’re currently working on their second. Looking forward to it.

Innocence by The Airborne Toxic Event


Since there is no official video for this song. I found the next best thing, which is an acoustic version of the song.

The Airborne Toxic Event remind me a lot of Arcade Fire and this particular song could be from either band. A slow build culminating in violin anarchy. The original version is a little more edgier and angstier, but I love both for different reasons.

This LA band has only released the one album, and they’ve acoustic versions of all of their songs with accompanying videos, all shot from a single camera in one take. You can find them all on their MySpace page.

Buriedfed by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson


Such a horrid, horrid video, for such a great song. It looks like a production from a grade-school AV club. Turn off your monitor, and turn up the speakers.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (I wonder if this is another John Cougar Mellencamp name fiasco waiting to happen) has a very Dylanesque quality to his music with an updated layered sound al a Bon Ivor. This particular song’s lyrics remind me a lot of Eleanor Rigby.

He’s put out 2 albums so far (the first, amazing / the second, overproduced). Hopefully he’s revert back on his third try.