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Living This Life by The Dutchess and the Duke


No video for this song.

This folksy ditty from this Seattle band is the perfect end of movie song. This is off their second album, Sunset / Sunrise.

The Dutchess and the Duke are no more, managing to eke out just 2 albums before disbanding. Which explains why their band site is Myspace. At least they’ve left us some great nuevo-folk music.


Poison Lips by Vitalic


A very odd video of a Japanese girl wandering Tokyo and smearing her lipstick.

Vitalic gets everyone on the dance floor with this feet-moving song. This is from his second studio album, Flashmob.

This French electronic artist has released many singles and EPs with his latest album in 2012. Most of his music drowns in electronic mediocrity, with few songs, like the one below, that manages to float above the rest.

Night Is On Fire by Me My Head


I think the video is about a boy who really hates Ikea furniture. I pity the fool who burns a Mr. T poster.

Me My Head, turn on the after-burners for this song. This is off their only album, Survival In No Mans Land.

Don’t know much about the band, other than they’re from the UK. According to iTunes, they’ve got the one album, with 3 EPs. Not sure if they’re even still together as their website is down, but their last release was an EP in 2012.

10 Percent by Mimicking Birds


No video for this song.

A slow sauntering song by Mimicking Birds.  This is off their self-titled debut album.

This band has just released the one album, and currently working on their second. Most of their music is acoustic guitar-driven, with Nate Lacy’s distinct voice. Probably a great band to see live.

Let’s Go Surfing by The Drums


Not sure why they’d film a surf rock video at nighttime. Kind of boring.

The Drums start with a simple guitar surf-lick and some whistling to suck you in, and never let you go. The vocals also complement the music well. This is off their EP, Summertime! as well as their debut self-titled album, The Drums.

This American band have released two albums, and two EPs, chock full of tunes to surf to. If you’re looking for variety, don’t bother, as this band’s specialty is surf rock served on a hot plate.

Mothership by How I Became the Bomb


Horrible video that looks like it was conceived and created by a second-year film school drop-out. Don`t let it scare you away from the awesomeness that is How I Became the Bomb.

This song is off their album second album, Deadly Art, but debuted on their Volume II: Foremost Sentinel EP.

They’ve released 2 albums and 6 EPs, and I’m in love with this band’s sound. They’re like a rebooted Erasure from the year 2112. They’re fun rolled up into a ball of sound and I can’t get enough of them. How can you not love a band that’s brought back the keytar?

The Kids Are Sick Again by Maximo Park


A stylized band video.

I’ll always have a place in my heart for Scottish accents, and Maximo Park does not disappoint. A driving bass-line is the, er… base of this ditty. This is off their album, Quicken The Heart.

This band from the across the sea have released 4 albums with their latest in 2012. They’ve got a great indie rock sound, with a bit of a Franz Ferdinand vibe, and it’s no wonder since Franz Ferdinand was formed in Glasgow, Scotland.

Fire – Kasabian


Odd video in which Kasabian hold up a bank armed with guitars, but instead of stealing money, it’s something else they’re after.

Slow twangy guitar opens this song, until the chorus kicks in. Great road music. This is off their fourth album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

This UK band have released 6 albums (2 live), and 5 EPs with their most recent in 2012. The’re a great indie rock band to blast out the windows of your 70s muscle car, even if you’re parked at a Walmart.

Heartbreaker by Jenn Grant


This is such a great song, and such a shitty boring video. If you’re going to have a band play their instruments, have all of them. Where’s the pianist???

Jenn Grant, a Nova Scotian, croons this folksy Fiest-like song. This is off her album Echoes.

This Canadian songstress has released 4 albums, and 2 EPs over the span of about 7 years. I’m not really into most of her songs, but this one is great.