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You Rascal You by Hanni El Khatib


818SBlrjqcL._SL1500_[1]Hanni El Khatib rocks this tune with a hard electric guitar sound. This is off his debut album, Will the Guns Come Out.

Most of his music has a nice edge to it. He’s released 3 albums thus far with his latest, Moonlight, early this year. His music has been used in commercials and various TV shows from Californication to Luther to Gotham.

And to accompany the song, is this boring video about driving around at night and the lights of the city. All style, no substance.


Where the Kids Are by Blondfire



Weird video about hunting down a panda.

This song first appeared on Blondfire‘s EP, Where the Kids Are, and is also included on their latest album, Young Heart. 

Blondfire are an LA band whose members consist of a brother-and-sister duo. They’ve only 2 full albums, but they’re full of interesting indie pop songs.

The song starts at the 24 second mark, if you want to fast-forward past the opening…

Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore


Gravel_and_Wine[1]A very stylized artsy-type video with Gin Wigmore showing off her femme fatale side with a very Amy Winehouse-esque tune. This is off her second album, Gravel & Wine.

This Kiwi singer has released just the 2 albums, and 3 EPs. With a very distinct voice, she won the International Songwriting Competition in 2004, and released her first EP in 2008. Her music has been featured on many TV shows, with the song below used in Orange is the New Black promos.

Where The Kids Are by Blondfire


This lame psychedelic video is nothing special, unless you like seeing people bathe in food.

Blondfire fill the dance floor with this ditty. This is off their third EP, Where The Kids Are.

This LA brother and sister duo have released a few EPS and 2 albums, the most recent, Young Heart in 2014. They have an indie pop vibe, and many of their songs are varied from each other. Which means you won’t get bored of them. If you don’t like one song, you’ll like another or, you’ll like most of them.

Fire Ant by Alex Winston


Odd animated video.

Cute little child-like ditty from Alex Winston. This is off the her EP, Velvet Elvis.

This American indie pop singer has released only one album, and a few EPs. She sounds like a cross between Amy Winehouse and Regina Spektor.  Her music is hard to find, but definitely worth listening to. Here’s hoping she makes the leap to mainstream radio without compromising on her style.

Future Starts Slow by The Kills


The video is a nice live simple duet in a BBC recording studio.

This a great minimal song, with a drum machine, hot distorted guitar, and great vocals. This is off their latest album, Blood Pressure.

The Kills hail from Florida, and have a unique sound that contradicts my image of the music from that state. They’ve released 4 albums thus far, and all of them sound have a nice gritty vibe, with the occassional song that doesn’t quite work, but for the most part, most of their songs do. The duo is composed of singer, Alison Mosshart (VV), who has collaborated with various people such as Jack White, Cage the Elephant and Placebo, and guitarist,  Jamie Hince (Hotel), who is married to Kate Moss. More please

Bandages by Hey Rosetta!


Inventive video that takes place all around St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Hey Rosetta! bang out this interesting ditty. This is off their third album, Seeds.

This Canadian band have been around since 2005, but still have not quite made the jump to mainstream radio. Most of their music is a little too tame for me, with a few exceptions, like this one, but maybe they’re your cup of tea.

Haunt You by The Pack A.D.


A nice live video from inside a studio.

The Pack A.D. hailing from Vancouver, seem a lot more angsty than most people from BC normally are, and that’s a good thing. This song if off their latest album, Unpersons.

This Canadian female duo have taken a page out of The White Stripes handbook for drums and guitar simplicity, with an edge. They’ve released 4 albums thus far, with songs ranging from slow meandering angry sadness, to just plain loud and angry. From the looks of this video, they’d probably be a great band to see live, especially since lead singer, Becky Black, is extremely easy on the eyes. And with her loud distorted guitar sound and awesome vocals, I think I have a new stage crush.

For 12 by Other Lives



Video doesn’t say much, but at least it looks pretty, and it’s not a band lip-syncing video.

Other Lives mesmerize us with this haunting song. This is off their third album, Tamer Animals.

This indie-folk band tend to stay in the melancholy, or at least, that’s when they’re at their best.  They’ve released 3 albums, and 2 EPs, all full of music to accompany your sadness. If you like this song, give their music a listen to.

Lies by Peter Bjorn and John


Another Swedish band, but this one has a strange video. Don’t let their dirty hipster looks scare you away. But if there’s a lesson to be learned from this video, it’s wear a hazmat suit when nearing anyone even remotely resembling a hipster.

Peter Bjorn and John play this upbeat tune with some angst. It’s got a nice driving rhythm, and a bit of punky feel to it. This is off their latest album Gimme Some.

This trio has released 6 albums and 3 EPS, with the song Young Folks as their most popular single in 2006. They’ve a unique sound thanks to the reverb on the vocals, and a punk rhythm with a poppy feel. For other Swedish acts on this blog, click here.