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Where the Kids Are by Blondfire



Weird video about hunting down a panda.

This song first appeared on Blondfire‘s EP, Where the Kids Are, and is also included on their latest album, Young Heart. 

Blondfire are an LA band whose members consist of a brother-and-sister duo. They’ve only 2 full albums, but they’re full of interesting indie pop songs.

The song starts at the 24 second mark, if you want to fast-forward past the opening…


Something Is Not Right With Me by Cold War Kids


Generic boring band-playing video, shot in a warehouse.

Cold War Kids kick some ass with this fast-tempo ditty. This is off their second album, Loyalty to Loyalty.

With a few exceptions, like this song, I’m not a fan of the way their music is produced. They’ve released 4 albums (with their latest this month), and 8 EPs (half of them live). I just wish I could like them.

New Low by Middle Class Rut


I don’t quite understand the video, but it looks pretty in high-def.

If you’re looking for a song to rock out to, search no further. Middle Class Rut offer up this dynamic tune. This song is a mellower sample of what they’ve put out so far. It’s off their first and only album, No Name No Color.

This California duo has only released one album, but 6 EPs. Their alternating vocals and extremely hard edge give them an almost punk feel. If you want to disturb your neighbours late at night, blast these guys through your speakers.

Birds by The Submarines


No video for this tune.

The Submarines present us with this simple ditty, which is almost impossible not to sing along with. This is off their latest album, Love Notes/Letter Bombs.

This indie LA band have released 3 albums and 2 EPs. They have a Fiest-like sound but stand out due to the male/female vocals by couple John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard. They dated, and then split up, and got back together, and married, and the music world has gained a great indie pop band.

Rachel by She Wants Revenge


No video for this song, but instead some stills of the band, the album cover, and some inexplicable reason, a young Bauhaus. Ah, fan videos.

It’s getting closer to Halloween, so I decided to darken things up a bit. She Wants Revenge do it up, Gothic Style! Represent! This is the perfect song to dance to at some goth-club, alone in the corner, pretending nothing else matters. This one is from their 2nd album, This Is Forever.

This California band carries the Goth torch (Darkwave is what the music execs call it), on into the future. They’ve released 2 albums, and numerous EPs, all in scary 3-D.