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Dear Los Angeles by Sam Behymer and the Bowties


You’ll have to do some work for this song. Once you hit the play button, fast forward to song 3, and if you like that, then listen to the rest.

Sam Behymer doing her best Regina Spektor in this simple piano / vocal ditty. This is off her album, Heartmouth.


What’s A Gırl To Do by Bat For Lashes


An awesome video. By now you can tell, I’m into the weird and different, but these are the images that stay with you. Anyone care to interpret?

Bat For Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) sings this future horror movie title song. This is a bit of a departure from her normal mellow sound. It’s off her debut album, Fur and Gold.

This English singer/songwriter has released 3 albums, and unfortunately I can’t listen to any of them. This is the sole song that gives me any life. Most of her music is sad slightly more uptempo Cat Power. Not my scene at all.

Good Woman by Cat Power


No video for this song, so you can enjoy a still pic of Chan Marshall.

Cat Power belts out a more lively song than she normally does (probably took her meds that day). And to offer some background support is Eddie Vedder from obscure Seattle band, Pearl Jam.

This (opposite of versatile) singer is perfect for those rainy Sunday afternoons. I will always have a place in my heart for whispering throaty female singers, and that pretty much sums up Cat Power.