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The Lion’s Roar – First Aid Kit


Live video shot at a radio studio.

First Aid Kit, harmonize this lovely tune. This is off their second album of the same name, The Lion’s Roar.

This Swedish sister duo, not only look good, but they also sound good. They`ve only released the two albums, and one EP. They`ve got a bit of old-timey country vibe to them, which makes them stand out from the rest of that Country rubbish.


Belgium Or Peru by Cuff The Duke


No video for this song, and I’m not sure what the title Mysterious means. Unfortunately the song gets cut about 20 seconds early. Perhaps that’s what it means.

Yes, 2 posts in a row with the word Belgium in the title. What are the odds? Cuff The Duke, a Canadian band from Oshawa meld a nice blend of country and indie rock for this song which is off their self-titled album.

They’ve released 4 albums so far, but unfortunately have seem to shed some of that indie-rock mojo for more country. That means I’m not really interested anymore. Their live songs almost sound like a country bar band covering their own music. Tis a pity.

Things That Scare Me by Neko Case


No video for this song as well.

Even though I’m not a country fan, this song skirts the border, much the same way that the Eagles did. Neko Case also known for her work with the Canadian indie band The New Pornographers, belts out a haunting song of vengeance. My favourite song from her, and I only wish it were longer.