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Teardrop by José González


An odd video that reminds me of the Mighty Hercules cartoon series.

José González emotes this epic song with his classic guitar. This Massive Attack cover (click here for the original) is off his second album, In Our Nature.

This Swedish artist has released 2 albums, and 8 EPs. He has a very distinct voice, and sound thanks in part to his guitar tuning. He’s collaborated with many artists and most recently re-joined the band, Junip.


New Born by The Vitamin String Quartet


Enjoy a re-cut viewing of the original music video.

The Vitamin String Quartet‘s tribute to Muse, is probably the most complementary of their covers. Since Muse already has a classical feeling to their music, the homage is striking. This is off their album, String Quartet Tribute to Muse.

They’ve released probably more than hundred albums (no exaggerating) covering many musical genres from Pop to Alternative to Classic Rock. They’ve covered so many Indie artists, this blog would not be complete without at least a mention.

Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele by Amanda Palmer


Instead of spotlighting a song, let’s hear a whole album without any distracting images.

Amanda Palmer (one half of The Dresden Dolls) broke up with her record label and decided to celebrate by releasing a bunch of Radiohead songs on ukulele. Her magic ukulele. Probably pried from Tiny Tim‘s cold dead hands.

She’s released 1 solo album, as well as 2 albums with the Dresden Dolls

If you’re a Radiohead fan and a fan of the ukulele (yes the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive), then you’ll love this. Give it a listen…