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Mothership by How I Became the Bomb


Horrible video that looks like it was conceived and created by a second-year film school drop-out. Don`t let it scare you away from the awesomeness that is How I Became the Bomb.

This song is off their album second album, Deadly Art, but debuted on their Volume II: Foremost Sentinel EP.

They’ve released 2 albums and 6 EPs, and I’m in love with this band’s sound. They’re like a rebooted Erasure from the year 2112. They’re fun rolled up into a ball of sound and I can’t get enough of them. How can you not love a band that’s brought back the keytar?


Hey Boy by Teddybears


It seems like the band had access to a tickle trunk and ad libbed this video. It’s fun and goofy, just like the song.

The Teddybears, straight outta Sweden, mix up a wicked bass-beat, with a simple melody, and easy to sing chorus. I defy anyone not to like this song. And if you don’t like it, you’ll be the first against the wall when the dance-revolution comes.

This band is widely varied in it’s musical style. They started out as a hardcore rock band, and abruptly switched gears in 2000 with their album, Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool. With a mix of rock, dance, and electronic styles, each song seems like it comes from a different band.

They collaborated with artists, Robyn, Neneh Cherry, and even Iggy Pop. One of band members is also the lead guitarist for the Caesars.

They’ve released a new album, Devil’s Music earlier this year, and one can’t help but think they’d be so much bigger if they were an American band.

How Do You Like Me Now? by The Heavy


Yes another video in the forest, this time with animated skulls. Which begs the question, how do they get the right embouchure without lips? But enough about the video.

This is one kick-ass song that transcends musical genres. It’s a mixture of Blues and Hard Rock, R&B and Funk by this English outfit from Noid.

Unfortunately, I was a-noid that there were only 3-4 other songs from this band that are as catchy as this. They experiment with many different sounds, but mostly it’s a miss for me.

The Heavy have released 2 CDs so far, so hopefully by their 3rd they’ll be able to find their sound and stick to it.

Perfect for your road-music mix.