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Drop by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions


Since the poster on youtube disabled embedding, I opted to go to with a video of  a still of the album cover instead. It’s an uninspired arty b&w video anyway, so you’re not really missing much.

Hope Sandoval with help from the Warm Inventions, play the soundtrack to your dreams with this song. A simple guitar riff, a glockenspiel, and a whispering sweet-voiced woman is all you need. This is off of their first album, Bavarian Fruit Bread.

Hope Sandoval was previous to this in Mazzy Star. She’s collaborated with Massive Attack, Death In Vegas, Chemical Brothers, and many more. She’s released many tunes, but with this particular roster, has only put out 2 albums (2001 & 2009), and 2 EPS. She’s been tagged as childlike and aloof, and that’s alright by me, as long as she keeps putting out music like this.


23 Lies by Death In Vegas


No video for this song. Some fan inserted pictures of Hope Sandoval, even though she’s not the singer.

Death in Vegas perform a shoe-gazer with unknown singer on vocals, Susan Dillane. This is a nice trippy tune to listen to while watching chilling under the shade of a tree.

They’ve released 4 studio albums so far, but haven’t put together anything new since 2004. Not sure of the status of this UK band. Probably on hiatus.