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Save The Party For Me – Grouplove


Spreading_Rumours_Album_Art[1]No video for this song.

Grouplove jam this joyous melody. This is off their last album, Spreading Rumours.

This LA indie band have released one EP and 2 albums, the most recent in 2013. They’ve matured from an uptempo happy-sunshine band to a more melodic one while still keeping some it’s happiness.


Lost in the Light by Bahamas


A simple artistically shot stage video. Not really original, but at least it’s pretty.

Bahamas plays the perfect ditty for your “songs to make out with” playlist. This is off his second album, Barchords. A lovely song for a long Valentine’s Day weekend

This Toronto artist does just fine with his guitar and vocals. Most of his music is simple and mellow with a little hint of a country vibe. And if you’d like to hear a great live session from this guy, I recommend clicking on this link… www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsHetqB6f14

Bandages by Hey Rosetta!


Inventive video that takes place all around St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Hey Rosetta! bang out this interesting ditty. This is off their third album, Seeds.

This Canadian band have been around since 2005, but still have not quite made the jump to mainstream radio. Most of their music is a little too tame for me, with a few exceptions, like this one, but maybe they’re your cup of tea.

For 12 by Other Lives



Video doesn’t say much, but at least it looks pretty, and it’s not a band lip-syncing video.

Other Lives mesmerize us with this haunting song. This is off their third album, Tamer Animals.

This indie-folk band tend to stay in the melancholy, or at least, that’s when they’re at their best.  They’ve released 3 albums, and 2 EPs, all full of music to accompany your sadness. If you like this song, give their music a listen to.

Heartbreaker by Jenn Grant


This is such a great song, and such a shitty boring video. If you’re going to have a band play their instruments, have all of them. Where’s the pianist???

Jenn Grant, a Nova Scotian, croons this folksy Fiest-like song. This is off her album Echoes.

This Canadian songstress has released 4 albums, and 2 EPs over the span of about 7 years. I’m not really into most of her songs, but this one is great.

I Begged You Everything by Bad Books


No video for this song.

Bad Books play this sad acoustic ditty. The melody is slow and sad, and the lyrics are emotionally charged. This is off their first album, the self titled, Bad Books.

This band is composed of Kevin Devine and members of Manchester Orchestra. They’ve only released 2 albums so far with the latest II just coming out this year. This collaboration essential sounds just like the mellower side to Manchester Orchestra, and it’s very hard to tell the two apart, but I’m not really complaining, as I love both versions.

The Bachelor And The Bride by The Decemberists


A great video using animated silhouettes, reminds me of a great movie titled, The Adventures of Prince AchmedAnd when the music ends the animation and credits continue.

Lead singer, Colin Meloy, has a voice you cannot mistake for anyone other than him. This is a typical slice of Decemberists‘ music. It’s off their second album, Her Majesty the Decemberists.

They’re an American folk band from Portland, Oregon, who’ve released 5 albums and 7 EPs (2 of them live). Their acoustic guitar driven music make them the perfect soundtrack for Sunday afternoons. And even though they’re indie, they’re scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of the Simpsons (Dec 2nd). So I guess they’ve made the grade.

Teardrop by José González


An odd video that reminds me of the Mighty Hercules cartoon series.

José González emotes this epic song with his classic guitar. This Massive Attack cover (click here for the original) is off his second album, In Our Nature.

This Swedish artist has released 2 albums, and 8 EPs. He has a very distinct voice, and sound thanks in part to his guitar tuning. He’s collaborated with many artists and most recently re-joined the band, Junip.

Through The Dark by Alexi Murdoch


No video for this song, so enjoy a fan made one with great dramatic stills that explore light and dark.

Alexi Murdoch plucks out a soulful folky tune on his guitar that borders on melancholy and happiness. This is off Alexi’s latest EP Towards The Sun.

He’s released 1 Album, 2 EPs and that’s all folks. His music has been included in countless TV shows and movies from The OC to Prison Break, Garden State, Gone Baby Gone and the list goes on and on.

Most of his songs were featured in the extremely dull Sam Mendes film, Away We Go, probably to Alexi’s horror. My favourite review off the Rotten Tomatoes website is this: “You may very well enjoy Away We Go more than I did. But rest assured that you will never love this movie as much as it loves itself.”

Soldier by The Exit


A video made to look like old 16mm home camera movies. Or maybe it was shot on 16mm. You be the judge.

The Exit are a NYC, indie-punk-reggae band, but you would never know it listening to this song. Soldier from their album Home For An Island is a simple ditty with a harmonica and acoustic guitar. More folk than anything else.

They’ve released 3 studio albums and 1 live EP. They haven’t toured or recorded in some time, but have not officially disbanded. Perhaps lead guitarist Benjamin Bronfman is too busy dating MIA from the UK.