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Let Up by Now Its Overhead


No video for this song.

With the opening few guitar chords, this simple song from Now Its Overhead, hooks you in. This is off their third album, Dark Light Daybreak.

This now defunct band have only released 3 albums and 2 EPs, so it’s not too hard to hunt down their material, if you’re a fan. Most of their music is more Alt, than Indie, and it’s a shame that they did not create more music before calling it quits.


Raining in Athens by Azure Ray


No video for this song so enjoy a still of the album cover.

Azure Ray whisper a melancholy melody backed by banjo, guitar, and keyboards.  And the end product is nothing like you’d expect from these instruments. This is off their second album, Burn and Shiver.

This American band have died and been reborn. They’ve released 4 albums, and 4 EPS with a 4 year dead time when they were disbanded. Their music can be heard in various TV and movie soundtracks.