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Through The Dark by Alexi Murdoch


No video for this song, so enjoy a fan made one with great dramatic stills that explore light and dark.

Alexi Murdoch plucks out a soulful folky tune on his guitar that borders on melancholy and happiness. This is off Alexi’s latest EP Towards The Sun.

He’s released 1 Album, 2 EPs and that’s all folks. His music has been included in countless TV shows and movies from The OC to Prison Break, Garden State, Gone Baby Gone and the list goes on and on.

Most of his songs were featured in the extremely dull Sam Mendes film, Away We Go, probably to Alexi’s horror. My favourite review off the Rotten Tomatoes website is this: “You may very well enjoy Away We Go more than I did. But rest assured that you will never love this movie as much as it loves itself.”