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They Told Me by Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside


Interesting video. My take on it, is the man is wrestling with the woman inside him, and she’s winning.

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside serve up a hotplate of Rockabilly smothered with angst and a side of old fashioned cool. This is off their latest album, Untamed Beast.

This Rockabillyesque band are my current favourite. They’ve released 3 albums thus far, all chock-full of great tunes to blast out your vintage car while cruising down the highway on a hot Sunday afternoon. If you like this tune, hurry out and pick up all 3 of their albums.


10 Percent by Mimicking Birds


No video for this song.

A slow sauntering song by Mimicking Birds.  This is off their self-titled debut album.

This band has just released the one album, and currently working on their second. Most of their music is acoustic guitar-driven, with Nate Lacy’s distinct voice. Probably a great band to see live.

A Pillar of Salt by The Thermals


An everything but the kitchen sink video.

The Thermals offer up a great indie-punk song for you to mosh to. This is off their third album, The Body, the Blood, the Machine.

They’ve released 5 studio albums, and many EPs and singles. Most of their songs are made up of 3/4 indie-punk, 1/4 nerd-rock. They’re from the west-coast USA, and their latest release (Sep 2010)  is an album called Personal Life which has a cleaner more pop feeling to it.