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The Kids Are Sick Again by Maximo Park


A stylized band video.

I’ll always have a place in my heart for Scottish accents, and Maximo Park does not disappoint. A driving bass-line is the, er… base of this ditty. This is off their album, Quicken The Heart.

This band from the across the sea have released 4 albums with their latest in 2012. They’ve got a great indie rock sound, with a bit of a Franz Ferdinand vibe, and it’s no wonder since Franz Ferdinand was formed in Glasgow, Scotland.


Pulp Song by stellastarr*


Fan made video with stills of the band.

stellastarr* mimic Pulp with this aptly titled song . You can easily slip this into a Pulp medley, and not many people would notice that it’s not them. This is off their debut self-titled album.

This New York band have released 3 ablums and 1 EP. Even though they never quite lose that Pulp sound, they are a slightly meaner version of the group, and that’s why they’re my new favourite sound.

Birth by The Faint


No video for this puppy.

The Faint drive this song home with determination. It’s got a nice little Placebo feel to it. This is from their 7th album, Wet From Birth.

I profess to not knowing much about this band. They are listed on Wikipedia as Indie rock, Post-punk revival, Dance punk, and New Wave and I could see bits and pieces of the the genres in this particular song. I will definitely be doing some research into more of their music.

Kick It by Peaches and Iggy Pop


Watch as Iggy Pop fends off zombies with a rubber arm. You’d think a music video with the undead would be more entertaining. Meh.

Peaches along with Iggy Pop kick it with this indie-punk tune. This is a bit of a departure from Peaches’ normal genre synthpunk. It’s off her 3rd studio album, Fatherfucker.

I’m not really fan of this Canadian synth-diva, but there are a few songs from her that I just love, this being one of them. She’s released 5 albums, and many singles, with her latest in 2009. Including Iggy Pop, she’s also worked with Karen O, The Flaming Lips, and Christina Aguilera to name a few.

This Is Our Emergency by Pretty Girls Make Graves


It seems that certain record companies are making it harder and harder to embed videos. And unfortunately this band’s label is one of them. You’ll have to click on the link to take you to another site to watch the video. Video is kind of lame, but the song does kick some ass.

Defunk band Pretty Girls Make Graves deliver a hard-driving rhythm in this fun tune about being frustrated. This is off their 2nd studio album, The New Romance.

This post-punk band from Seattle released 3 studio albums, and a few singles and EPs. Tis a pity they are no more.

Click here to watch the video.

The Price of Love by White Lies


Live video.

This song by White Lies has a nice late 80’s post punk feel to it. It’s from their only album so far, To Lose My Life…

With their debut album, this alt UK band became popular in Europe but haven’t really made the playlists of radio stations in North America.  Their follow up, Ritual is scheduled to be released early in the new year. Hopefully they’ll do something about their horrible website before that happens.

Luno by Bloc Party


Not the official video for this song, as one doesn’t exist. Instead, a fan just synched the music with an interesting animated movie.

I was on the fence as whether to include anything from this band, but since they’ve never quite made it big here, I decided to post this song. Bloc Party perform this drum and bass driven song with zeal.  It’s from their debut album, Silent Alarm.

This UK quartet have released 3 studio albums, 2 EPs, and 2 remix albums with their latest in 2009. They are currently on hiatus, but will hopefully get back together soon for number 4.  Finger’s crossed.