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Dropping Out of School by Brad Sucks


No video for this song, so enjoy a still of the album cover.

Most of Brad Sucks‘ music is up-tempo rock with a few exceptions. This is off his second album, Out of It.

Brad Sucks is from Ottawa, Canada, and not since Paul Anka has this city had something to be proud of. He’s released 3 albums so far with most of his music available on his website, along with tracks to allow you mix your own versions of his music.


They Told Me by Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside


Interesting video. My take on it, is the man is wrestling with the woman inside him, and she’s winning.

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside serve up a hotplate of Rockabilly smothered with angst and a side of old fashioned cool. This is off their latest album, Untamed Beast.

This Rockabillyesque band are my current favourite. They’ve released 3 albums thus far, all chock-full of great tunes to blast out your vintage car while cruising down the highway on a hot Sunday afternoon. If you like this tune, hurry out and pick up all 3 of their albums.

10 Percent by Mimicking Birds


No video for this song.

A slow sauntering song by Mimicking Birds.  This is off their self-titled debut album.

This band has just released the one album, and currently working on their second. Most of their music is acoustic guitar-driven, with Nate Lacy’s distinct voice. Probably a great band to see live.

Let Up by Now Its Overhead


No video for this song.

With the opening few guitar chords, this simple song from Now Its Overhead, hooks you in. This is off their third album, Dark Light Daybreak.

This now defunct band have only released 3 albums and 2 EPs, so it’s not too hard to hunt down their material, if you’re a fan. Most of their music is more Alt, than Indie, and it’s a shame that they did not create more music before calling it quits.

Just A Habit by Built To Spill


No video for this song.

Built To Spill entrance with this slightly psychedelically tune. You can even hear a rarely played guitar solo near the end. This is off their album, You in Reverse.

They’ve released 10 albums, and 5 EPs. They’re a great rock band who for some reason never made it big. Driven by guitarist/vocalist Doug Martsch‘s guitar licks this band rock out great song after song. For something a little harder, you can here them here cover the Peanut’s theme song, Linus and Lucy.

Fire – Kasabian


Odd video in which Kasabian hold up a bank armed with guitars, but instead of stealing money, it’s something else they’re after.

Slow twangy guitar opens this song, until the chorus kicks in. Great road music. This is off their fourth album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

This UK band have released 6 albums (2 live), and 5 EPs with their most recent in 2012. The’re a great indie rock band to blast out the windows of your 70s muscle car, even if you’re parked at a Walmart.

Birth by The Faint


No video for this puppy.

The Faint drive this song home with determination. It’s got a nice little Placebo feel to it. This is from their 7th album, Wet From Birth.

I profess to not knowing much about this band. They are listed on Wikipedia as Indie rock, Post-punk revival, Dance punk, and New Wave and I could see bits and pieces of the the genres in this particular song. I will definitely be doing some research into more of their music.

Too Long Awake by Idlewild


Here’s a fan-made video. Someone spliced together images from the movie German movie Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire).

Idlewild weave a nice Shoegaze vibe with this song. It’s a bit of a departure from their normal indie-rock style. This is off their 5th studio album, Warnings/Promises.

This Scottish band have released 7th  studio albums hitherto, with their latest in 2009. They’ve just cancelled their US tour due to injury and one can’t help but wonder, whether this is it for the band, considering they’re currently on a writing hiatus.

Where Does The Good Go by Tegan And Sara


No video for this song, so just sing along with the lyrics.

Tegan and Sara coo a sad love song accompanied by some acoustic guitar, and bass, then switching to an angrier tone and joined by a tambourine, drums, and the rest. This is off their 4th album, So Jealous.

This Canadian duo have released 6 albums, and 5 EPs with their latest, Sainthood, receiving some radio play. Their emotionally charged music has appeared in various TV shows. Unfortunately, their new music has a more pop feel to it (I cannot stand the song, Alligator, which seems like they’ve sampled 80s band, ABC), and hopefully, this is not the direction they’re going in.