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I Always Knew by The Vaccines


A simple video of a couple flirting on a carnival ride, and nothing really happens.

With an intro that reminds me a little of Elton John‘s Crocodile Rock, The Vaccines quickly go off into a different direction. This is off their second album, Come of Age.

This English band have released just the two albums along with a few EPs. Their sound reminds me a little of Franz Ferdinand meets The Strokes. And they’re at their best when they play with angst.


Night Is On Fire by Me My Head


I think the video is about a boy who really hates Ikea furniture. I pity the fool who burns a Mr. T poster.

Me My Head, turn on the after-burners for this song. This is off their only album, Survival In No Mans Land.

Don’t know much about the band, other than they’re from the UK. According to iTunes, they’ve got the one album, with 3 EPs. Not sure if they’re even still together as their website is down, but their last release was an EP in 2012.

What’s A Gırl To Do by Bat For Lashes


An awesome video. By now you can tell, I’m into the weird and different, but these are the images that stay with you. Anyone care to interpret?

Bat For Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) sings this future horror movie title song. This is a bit of a departure from her normal mellow sound. It’s off her debut album, Fur and Gold.

This English singer/songwriter has released 3 albums, and unfortunately I can’t listen to any of them. This is the sole song that gives me any life. Most of her music is sad slightly more uptempo Cat Power. Not my scene at all.

Dice by Finley Quaye


Odd video for this song, but the shot of dog does it for me.

Finley Quaye offers up a catchy tune, that was used on The O.C. This is off his EP, Dice.

This Scotsman has released 7 albums, and 2 EPs. Most of his music is reggae / triphop, slightly removed. It’s like having eggs that don’t quite taste like egg, but aren’t any better. And for that reason, except for a few of his songs, like this one, I’m just not eating it up.

The Kids Are Sick Again by Maximo Park


A stylized band video.

I’ll always have a place in my heart for Scottish accents, and Maximo Park does not disappoint. A driving bass-line is the, er… base of this ditty. This is off their album, Quicken The Heart.

This band from the across the sea have released 4 albums with their latest in 2012. They’ve got a great indie rock sound, with a bit of a Franz Ferdinand vibe, and it’s no wonder since Franz Ferdinand was formed in Glasgow, Scotland.

This Orient – Foals


Boring video with a lot of nature shots. Not sure what it’s supposed to mean.

Foals provide a great hook at the beginning of the song, and it continues throughout. This is off their album, Total Life Forever.

This UK group have released 2 albums, and many EPs with their latest scheduled to come out next week. They have some catchy tunes, but for the most part, this band isn’t really my cup of tea. Pity.

Burn My Shadow by UNKLE


Interesting video about a man who discovers a timer on his heart is about to run out. Will he survive?

UNKLE bust out all the rock gear to bring you this ditty, with vocals by singer Ian Astbury of The Cult fame. This is off their third album, War Stories.

This UK trip-rock band has an eclectic sound to it. They’ve produced numerous albums and EPs, collaborating with many others artists like Thom Yorke from Radiohead to Richard Ashcroft from The Verve. Many of their songs appear in ads and tv, probably due to their movie-soundtrack like quality.

The Price of Love by White Lies


Live video.

This song by White Lies has a nice late 80’s post punk feel to it. It’s from their only album so far, To Lose My Life…

With their debut album, this alt UK band became popular in Europe but haven’t really made the playlists of radio stations in North America.  Their follow up, Ritual is scheduled to be released early in the new year. Hopefully they’ll do something about their horrible website before that happens.

Nux Vomica by The Veils


Just a fan-made song with stills of the band.

The Veils play out a indie rock song that would probably sound great live in some dingy underground London club. This is off their album of the same name.

This UK band have released 3 albums, and I must profess to really liking their sound. I did however discover this song in a trailer for Il Divo, and Italian movie based on the life of a corrupt Italian Prime Minister with Mafia ties.