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Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues by McLusky


Who doesn’t like watching cats synced to music?

Mclusky¬†offer up this energy infused masterpiece with one of the best titled songs I’ve heard in a while. This is off their second album,¬†Mclusky Do Dallas.

I’ve only just discovered this now defunct Welsh band, after hearing a song of their’s on the TV show, One Tree Hill. They’ve four albums, three of which were released before their breakup in 2005, and all of them sated with angst-filled songs. Crank their tunes, and get ready for the original flash-mob known as the mosh pit.


Dakota by Stereophonics


An chroma key driving video. Well at least it’s a nice red Mustang.

Stereophonics, a Welsh indie-rock band, hit the big time in the UK with this song, and made a small impact on the North America indie charts.

They released 9 albums so far (one live, and one compilation), and should be getting a lot more exposure than they are getting. So what are you waiting for people, pick up a CD today. You’ll seem cool to your friends for listening to a Brit band not big over here.