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Haunt You by The Pack A.D.


A nice live video from inside a studio.

The Pack A.D. hailing from Vancouver, seem a lot more angsty than most people from BC normally are, and that’s a good thing. This song if off their latest album, Unpersons.

This Canadian female duo have taken a page out of The White Stripes handbook for drums and guitar simplicity, with an edge. They’ve released 4 albums thus far, with songs ranging from slow meandering angry sadness, to just plain loud and angry. From the looks of this video, they’d probably be a great band to see live, especially since lead singer, Becky Black, is extremely easy on the eyes. And with her loud distorted guitar sound and awesome vocals, I think I have a new stage crush.


Broken Boy Soldier by The Raconteurs


Back to creepy videos again. This one is right up there especially if you have a fear of old dolls coming to life. Watch Toy Story 3 if you want more creepy doll action.

The Raconteurs (who have one of my favourite website designs), are an indie rock band fronted by The White Stripes‘ Jack White. This particular song has wailing guitars, angry loud vocals hard driving beat. Add some distortion on the voice, and you’ve got an awesome indie-rock song.

This band has put out 2 albums so far, and may or may not make another since they each have other projects that they’re working on. I guess only time will tell. Steady as she goes.