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Blue Monday by Flunk


No video for this song.

Flunk cover a  great 80’s tune by New Order. This song is off of their debut album, For Sleepwalkers Only, and the title of the album pretty much encapsulates the vibe of this song.

This Norwegian band have released 6 albums and 4 EPs. Their music has been used in various TV shows and movies. The simple entrancing vocals by Anja Oyen Vister along with some trip-hop beats make this band’s music very appealing.



Oh My God by Ida Maria


This creepy stylistic video, makes me fantasize that the singer lives in my computer monitor, and when I’m sleeping she’ll crawl out and want to have sex with me al a Deborah Harry in Cronenberg’s Videodrome.

This Norwegian femme fetale is Ida Maria and she’s spiking your drink with a single from her first and only album, Fortress Round My Heart. Oh my God, this is a great song, with a fun danceable tempo.

She’s finished recording her 2nd album which should be released, my guess, some time early next year, once the ice-bergs start melting in the North Sea.