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Peaches by In The Valley Below


No video for this song.

In The Valley Below play this duet to a nice melodious groove.

Another band I don’t know much about. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make a website so your fans could find out more about you! They’re not even on MySpace.


Heavy Metal by White Rabbits


This is a great odd video. I love it. It’s now up there with my fave all-time videos.

The White Rabbits veer away from their usual sound with this album. This is a great tune. Initially I was going to post one of their earlier songs, but I loved the vibe on this album, Milk Famous,  their latest.

This american band has released 3 albums and 2 EPs. They’ve gone from an indie rock hard-rhythm sound to more of a Psychedelic Pop sound with the lead singer moving up to a falsetto voice. I can’t wait to here what their next album sounds like.

The Sun Ain’t Shining No More by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour


A generic neo-psychedelic video for this song. Meh.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour‘s strength are the vocals of  Mette Lindberg, and the groovy beats. This is a perfect chair-dancing song. It’s off of their debut album, Fruit.

This Danish band has released 2 albums, many EPs, and have had their music in a few commercials, the most notable, Heineken. This is great upbeat party music to play at your next shindig.