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The Difference Between Us by The Dead Weather


No video for this song. The song ends at 3:37, so no need to keep listening.

The Dead Weather wake the dead in a good way with this hard-core tune. This is off their second album, Sea of Cowards.

This band is made up of musicians from other popular bands:  Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Jack White (on drums) of The RaconteursDean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age, and Jack Lawrence of City and Colour. They’re set to release a new album some time this year. I’m not a big fan of the rest of their stuff, but this song really does kick-ass.


Peaches by In The Valley Below


No video for this song.

In The Valley Below play this duet to a nice melodious groove.

Another band I don’t know much about. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make a website so your fans could find out more about you! They’re not even on MySpace.

Let Up by Now Its Overhead


No video for this song.

With the opening few guitar chords, this simple song from Now Its Overhead, hooks you in. This is off their third album, Dark Light Daybreak.

This now defunct band have only released 3 albums and 2 EPs, so it’s not too hard to hunt down their material, if you’re a fan. Most of their music is more Alt, than Indie, and it’s a shame that they did not create more music before calling it quits.

The Kids Are Sick Again by Maximo Park


A stylized band video.

I’ll always have a place in my heart for Scottish accents, and Maximo Park does not disappoint. A driving bass-line is the, er… base of this ditty. This is off their album, Quicken The Heart.

This band from the across the sea have released 4 albums with their latest in 2012. They’ve got a great indie rock sound, with a bit of a Franz Ferdinand vibe, and it’s no wonder since Franz Ferdinand was formed in Glasgow, Scotland.

This Orient – Foals


Boring video with a lot of nature shots. Not sure what it’s supposed to mean.

Foals provide a great hook at the beginning of the song, and it continues throughout. This is off their album, Total Life Forever.

This UK group have released 2 albums, and many EPs with their latest scheduled to come out next week. They have some catchy tunes, but for the most part, this band isn’t really my cup of tea. Pity.

Pursuit Of Happiness – Kid Cudi (Feat.MGMT)


Stereotypical hip-hop video, where a party turns into a champagne fight.

What’s a hip-hop artist doing on this blog, you ask? Thanks to the collaboration with indie band MGMT, Kid Cudi meets the criteria. This happy ditty is off his debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day.

He’s released 2 albums, 1 mixtape, all hip hop genre, as well as a rock album under the name WZRD. Most of his music is generic hip-hop, but every few songs transcend the genre. He’s worked with many artists most notably, Kanye West. Many of his songs that have charted high, I don’t like, so here’s hoping he makes more music like this.

Birth by The Faint


No video for this puppy.

The Faint drive this song home with determination. It’s got a nice little Placebo feel to it. This is from their 7th album, Wet From Birth.

I profess to not knowing much about this band. They are listed on Wikipedia as Indie rock, Post-punk revival, Dance punk, and New Wave and I could see bits and pieces of the the genres in this particular song. I will definitely be doing some research into more of their music.

Kick It by Peaches and Iggy Pop


Watch as Iggy Pop fends off zombies with a rubber arm. You’d think a music video with the undead would be more entertaining. Meh.

Peaches along with Iggy Pop kick it with this indie-punk tune. This is a bit of a departure from Peaches’ normal genre synthpunk. It’s off her 3rd studio album, Fatherfucker.

I’m not really fan of this Canadian synth-diva, but there are a few songs from her that I just love, this being one of them. She’s released 5 albums, and many singles, with her latest in 2009. Including Iggy Pop, she’s also worked with Karen O, The Flaming Lips, and Christina Aguilera to name a few.

New Born by The Vitamin String Quartet


Enjoy a re-cut viewing of the original music video.

The Vitamin String Quartet‘s tribute to Muse, is probably the most complementary of their covers. Since Muse already has a classical feeling to their music, the homage is striking. This is off their album, String Quartet Tribute to Muse.

They’ve released probably more than hundred albums (no exaggerating) covering many musical genres from Pop to Alternative to Classic Rock. They’ve covered so many Indie artists, this blog would not be complete without at least a mention.